Friday, December 6, 2013

St. John the Baptist-Dearborn Heights

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in southwest Dearborn Heights was founded in 1926 and served a mostly Polish community at that time. Over time, as the community changed with people moving in and out, St. John the Baptist continued to serve the faithful in the area. It has evolved into, what is now, a close knit community of just over 200 parishioners.
You enter the church through large double doors at the front of the church into a small vestibule space before entering a modest but lovely church. The altar is made of a simple oak with matching lectern. It follows the theme that St. John the Baptist pastor Edwin Balazy has set of a humble and simple place to worship and give thanks to God.

We attended a Sunday morning mass where generations came to together to thank God for all their blessings. Seniors that have built the community and continue to make St. John the Baptist a vibrant and welcoming church and young families who are keeping the church alive for a new generation of worshippers.

At the mass we attended we enjoyed a homily by retired priest Fr. Richard Rakoczy in which he discussed the readings and how they are related to our daily lives. The music ministry also accompanied the service in a meaningful and heartfelt way that gave witness to God’s love.

We took pleasure in the mass we attended and the humble design of St. John the Baptist. We also marveled at the beauty and simplicity of the grounds of the church. St. John the Baptist has survived and thrived through years of population shifts and we were honored to be able to spend time with the proud parishioners of this fine church.

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 St. John the Baptist

Entrance to St. John the Baptist church

Garden and Mother Mary statute


Mary and Joseph

The Church

View of the altar

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