Saturday, April 6, 2013

St. Sebastian-Dearborn Heights

St. Sebastian Catholic Church is located on the south end of Dearborn Heights, MI. It is named for St. Sebastian an early Christian Saint and Martyr. He was born in 256 and died in 288. St Sebastian is commonly depicted in art and literature tied to a post or tree and shot with arrows. He is a popular male saint especially among soldiers and athletes who often wear his metals or relics. His feast day is January 20.

St Sebastian has a modern feel to it. The church is made up of mostly cushioned pews with some individual seating available.  The pews surround the altar in a semi circle. The main entrances to the church are on either side of the altar. The church has more of a rectangular shape which makes it a challenge to navigate if you’re unfamiliar with the layout of the church. However it’s “quirky” layout is kind of symbolic of how we must navigate through life trusting in God and turning away from the evils of the world.

The main altar appears to be made of marble while the lectern is made of carved oak.  A variety of flowers adorned the altar on the weekend that we visited including Easter lilies, carnations and peonies. On the brick wall in the back of the altar a crucifix sits high above while a portrait of Jesus sits in front of the altar. On right side of the altar are life size statutes of Joseph holding a baby Jesus and Mary with Anne.

Fr. Robert White, a visiting priest, was the celebrant at the mass we attended. Fr. White is from an organization called “Food for the Poor”; a group dedicated to ending hunger around the world. Fr. White’s homily was dedicated to talking about hunger and starvation around the world. It was a very moving and eye-opening experience especially when he talked about his first hand experience in working with the poor, hungry and destitute.

The people of St. Sebastian were about as diverse a group as we have seen on our journey. There were many young people, families, singles and senior. It was great to see them come together in a common love for Jesus Christ and to share in the good news of our Savior.


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Statute of Mary

Stone garden dedicated to Mary
A large cross adorned with a cloth at St. Sebastian

Patron Saint of St. Sebastian

Altar at St. Sebastian

Garden dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi

Portrait of Jesus sits in front of the altar at St. Sebastian

Joseph, Mary and the boy Jesus
Mary with Anne and Joseph holding a baby Jesus

St. Sebastian Catholic Church

St. Sebastian in Dearborn Heights