Saturday, April 7, 2012

St.Mary Magdalen-Hazel Park

St. Mary Magdalen in Hazel Park was founded in 1928 but we were impressed when we walked into this church and found it to be a very modern and updated church.

When we entered the church vestibule we were greeted by some of the churches friendly ushers. Once inside you couldn’t help but be impressed with the very open and modern feel to the church. We especially noticed that there weren’t a lot of statutes and relics that can sometimes make a church feel cluttered and overwhelming.  The altar was simply made of pure oak with a glass and oak wall background. The pews have been replaced with cushioned seats with kneelers.  Everything worked together to lend a very elegant look to the church. In all, St. Mary Magdalen is a very comfortable and relaxed place to attend mass.

We were very impressed with the relaxed and stress free atmosphere at St. Mary Magdalen. The feeling in this church is one of lightness and openness as in a place to let go, to unburden your soul and to free yourself of all your worries, fears and doubts.  In other words; a place to “let go and let God!”

Mary Magdalen was one of the most important woman disciples in the movement of Jesus.  According to Luke 8:2 and Mark 16:9 she was a follower of Jesus who was specified by name as a witness to 3 key events; they were Jesus’ crucifixion, his burial and the discovery of his tomb to be empty.  Her feast day is July 22.

We visited St. Mary Magdalen for Palm Sunday mass. Fr. Bede Louzon led the mass and participated in the Palm Sunday gospel reading along with 2 lecturers. Fr. Louzon was humorous and even did a pretty decent job of leading the congregation in the singing of the hymns.

We were extremely impressed with St. Mary Magdalen. It was a very warm and inviting place to worship and we felt right at home with the rest of this community of disciples.

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Church Steeple

Front entrance to St. Mary Magdalen

Sign for St. Mary Magdalen

Front doors to St. Mary Magdalen

Stained glass inside St. Mary Magdalen

The Priest's chair

More stained glass windows

The altar at St. Mary Magdalen

Baptismal font at St. Mary Magdalen