Monday, February 4, 2013

St. Anthony-Belleville

St. Anthony was born in Lisbon Portugal in 1195. He was a Franciscan Monk and was recognized as an eloquent speaker. He died in 1231 and was canonized a saint by Pope Gregory IX in 1232. He is the patron saint of “lost things” and his feast day is June 13.

St. Anthony Catholic Church was named for this well known saint and they work tirelessly to pay homage to him in all that they do. St. Anthony is located in a quiet neighborhood filled with well maintained older homes in the western Detroit suburb of Belleville, MI. It has a plain rather non-descript building facade.  St. Anthony Church was founded in 1920 and has been an integral part of this area ever since.

When you enter the church from the main entrance you walk into a beautifully lit church. Four rows of pew seating are surrounded by a row of regular soft covered seating on either side of the pews. This helps to bring together traditional and modern church values. They all face the altar which is made of mostly carved oak with touches of marble at the lectern. The back of the altar is made of brick and is adorned with a statute of Jesus with his hands held out in prayer.

In opposite corners at the front of the church are statues of Mary and St. Anthony. At the back of the church is a cloth painting of Jesus with the saying: “Jesus, I trust in you”. There are many other works of art at St. Anthony including paintings and statutes that help tell the story of this magnificent saint.

The pastor at St. Anthony’s is Fr. Thomas Cusick. He gave a homily on new beginnings during the mass we attended. He also spoke on how we, as individuals, make up the wholeness of Christ, our Savior. Fr. Cusick also incorporated stories of his youth in his homily. This gave the homily a deeper meaning and allowed the congregation the opportunity to relate to it in a more personal way.

St. Anthony’s congregation is mostly made up of families, with children, who give a real youthful vibe to the church while maintaining basic Catholic traditions.  Our Family really enjoyed attending mass at St. Anthony’s and the warmth and friendliness of the people we encountered during our visit.

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St. Anthony Catholic Church in Belleville, MI

Statute of St. Anthony outside of the church

Painting of Jesus
Altar at St. Anthony

St. Anthony
Painting of Mother Mary
Statute of Jesus hangs over the altar

A crucifix is displayed in the gathering area
A life size statute of St. Anthony on display in the gathering area