Saturday, March 21, 2015

St. Justin-Hazel Park

St. Justin Catholic Church is located in the south Oakland county community of Hazel Park. Its patron saint, Justin Martyr, was an early Christian apologist who lived from 100 AD to 165 AD. Most of his works are lost however a few did survive including a passionate defense of the morality of Christian life known as The First Apology. St. Justin was martyred in 165 AD and his feast day is June 1. He is also the patron saint of Philosophers.

Like the neighborhood that surrounds it, St. Justin shows its age but it still shines bright. When we entered the church there was al line of parishioners in the gathering area that greeted people as they came in from the out of the cold wintry day. The church, itself, runs along side of the gathering room.

Inside the church, there are rows of pews that lead up to the altar with teal blue carpeting which also extends up to the altar. There are statutes of Mary and Joseph on either side of the altar and a silver crucifix hangs over the altar. The altar is oak with a glass base and it has an inscription that reads “IC-XC-NI-KA” which translated means “Jesus Christ the Conqueror”. This inscription is also on the exterior of the church making it a very prominent part of the St. Justin community and powerful reminder that Jesus, does indeed, conquer all.

Father Robert Williams is the pastor at St. Justin. Fr. Williams spoke about the evils that permeate our society and our own lives in his homily. He remarked that only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will we be able to truly overcome the evil that permeates throughout society and our lives.

The people that make up the community of St. Justin are a very proud and faithful group. They have seen some of the best and worst of times yet they continue to march to God’s tune and to believe that God does conquer all and that through him all good things will come.

St. Justin

Statute of the Virgin Mary

Exterior of St. Justin

Crucifix that hangs over the altar

Statute of Mary that sits near the altar

St. Justin altar

The altar at St. Justin in Hazel Park

Jesus conquers all

artwork at St. Justin

Praying Mary