Monday, July 14, 2014

Church of the Holy Family-Novi

The church of the Holy Family is a neighborhood church in the southeast part of Novi MI.

When you enter the church you come into a large vestibule which then leads into the main church.  A large baptismal font sits near the entrance of the church.  The seating in the church consists of green clothed chairs with no kneelers. This lends its self to the modern feel of the church.  
The altar stands in the center of the church. It is made of medium oak and has a matching lectern. Both the altar and the lectern were draped in white cloth during our visit.

The church is decorated in a minimal fashion.  A statute of Joseph and Mary sit to the right of the altar with a modern looking crucifix over the altar. The crucifix shows Jesus appearing to be lying on his side.

Father Robert LaCroix is the pastor at Holy Family. At the mass we attended, newly ordained priest, Fr. Jeffrey Allan presided at a mass of thanksgiving. In his homily, Fr. Allan implored the congregation to accept the love of the Holy Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Ghost into our lives and to work toward strengthening our relationship with them.

The congregation at Holy Family Catholic Church is a very caring and compassionate group of people. They give of themselves very generously in many different ways. One of the things they do is run a “Clothes Closet” which allows the less fortunate and those suffering from a recent tragedy (i.e. fire or flood)  to come in to get clothes for themselves and their families. They also host a variety of community events for seniors, children and those in need.

We were very impressed with the people and staff of the Church of the Holy Family and enjoyed our visit very much. We also enjoyed being part Fr. Jeffrey Allan’s mass of thanksgiving and wish him all God’s blessings as he begins his life as a Catholic Priest.

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Church of the Holy Family in Novi

Main Entrance to Holy Family 

Garden area of the church

Joseph and Mary w/Baby Jesus

Baptismal Font with Altar in the background

Altar at Holy Family

Crucifix that hangs over the altar

Mary and Joseph

Garden area of Holy Family

Holy Family church steeple