Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Lady Queen of All Saints

Our Lady Queen of All Saints is located in the quiet, bedrock, community of Fraser. It is located in an ordinary looking church building in an ordinary looking working class neighborhood.
When you enter the parking lot at Our Lady Queen of All Saints, you are immediately drawn to 2 very different and distinct things. First is the large picture of Mary inside a glass enclosure that is attached to the front of the church. The second is the prayer garden off to the side of the church. This is a nice area to sit and reflex in a relaxing setting. It’s also a nice area to pray for Mary’s intercession in our lives.

We entered the church through large wooden doors and stepped into a small vestibule area. We were warmly greeted by one of the ushers who held open the doors to the main church area.
Inside the church, the main aisle had wooden pews with kneelers on either side. This aisle led up to the altar of the church. The altar, lectern and sacristy table were all covered in a two-tone green cloth. A statute of Jesus sits in front of the altar while a crucifix hung on the wall over the sacristy table. The sacristy table was adorned with statues of angels kneeling in prayer that faced either other on both sides of the table.

Fr. Ron Babich is the pastor at Our Lady Queen of All Saints. He spoke in a very fast, almost, ferocious tone during the mass. His homily focused on recent current event as he implored the congregation to take time to appreciate all the good life has to offer and to not get caught up in worrying and being negative.
Our Lady Queen of All Saints appeared to be made up mostly of seniors. However, they did host a vacation bible school program this year and they have an active religious education office. Together, they indicate a strong commitment to families and children.

Our Lady Queen of All Saints is a simple, yet beautiful, church in which to worship, pray and for the community to come together in service to the Lord. We enjoyed our visit and the opportunity to worship with the people at Our Lady, Queen of All Saints.

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Our Lady Queen of All Saints Catholic Church

Prayer Garden
 Walkway leading to the prayer garden
 Prayer Garden
 Our Lady Queen of All Saints
 Angels kneeling in prayer
 The main altar at Queen of All Saints
 Alejandro and Carmen at Queen of All Saints
 Steven and Maria at Queen of All Saints