Saturday, February 4, 2012

Corpus Christi-Detroit

Corpus Christi Catholic Church came into being in 2006 with the merger of St. Gerard and Immaculate Heart of Mary parishes in Northwest Detroit.  We attended a mass at the old St. Gerard’s church building.

The first thing that impressed us about Corpus Christi was the overwhelming friendliness of the parishioners and staff. Many of them came up to us and gave us a hearty welcome and thanked us for visiting their church. It said that the people make the church and the people of Corpus Christi have made their church a truly blessed place to worship and give praise in God’s name!

Corpus Christi is a small church. When you enter at the side doors you come into the gathering area which then leads directly into the church. In the church the altar is the main focus of the room. It is simply decorated which gives it an aura of beauty and elegance.  On either side of the church there are a series of stained glass windows which depict various bible verses with Love and Courage themes.  They are interspersed with pictures of the Stations of the Cross.

Corpus Christi is a multi-cultural parish that has opened its heart and soul to persons of all races and nationalities. This was most evident by the African-American art work that is prevalent around the church. It can be truly said that everyone can feel welcome at Corpus Christi.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Corpus Christi. Fr. Don Archambault came up to us personally to thank us for visiting as did many of the parishioners. It is quite gratifying to know that so many people of all races and ages come together each week to make  Corpus Christi a viable church community and to show that the Catholic church is alive and well in the city of Detroit.

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Baptismal Fountain at Corpus Christi

Statute of Jesus giving aide to the less fortunate

 Artwork inside Corpus Christi.

Artwork inside Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Detroit

The altar at Corpus Christi Parish

Entrance to Corpus Christi Catholic Church