Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christ The Redeemer-Lake Orion

Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church is a family church located in the quiet North Oakland suburb of Lake Orion. This year they celebrated 25 years as a place of worship and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

The entrance to the church is wide and expansive. There is plenty of room to gather, meet with other parishioners and explore one’s faith. Off to one side is a chapel that is great for private prayer, bible reading or quiet reflection.  The gathering space also leads into the main church.

The altar is at the very center of the church which is built in the shape of a circle. There are several rows of chairs that surround the altar on all sides. Directly behind the altar is a crucifix which gives this church’s altar a very unique and distinct look to it. The floors also give the church a different feel; they are made up of multi-colored concrete that shines under the lights of the church.

Fr. Joe Dailey is the pastor at Christ the Redeemer parish. In his homily, he talked about the gospel where Jesus said give to Caesar what is his and give to God what is his. He also invited parishioners of Christ the Redeemer to give freely of their time, talents and treasures to help those less fortunate and as a way to grow closer to God.

Fr. Dailey not only gave the homily but he also led the congregation in song. The entrance song was written by him and he led the congregation in singing it. Fr. Dailey was very tech savvy as well. He used a tablet to help monitor and control information on large screens around the church. By using the monitors he was able to use, not only, his words but images to help convey the message of his homily. He also led a special prayer for all married couples which for me was bittersweet as I rejoiced for those celebrating their marriages while I recalled my own marriage and the sadness I felt knowing Maria is no longer with me.

Our visit to Christ the Redeemer was a joyous and enlightening experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent at this beautiful church.

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Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church in Lake Orion

St. Francis of Assisi Garden

Garden Bench

Christ the Redeemer Church

Garden if front of church

Garden with church in background

Main entrance to church

baptismal font 

The altar at Christ the Redeemer

Joseph and Mary with Baby Jesus

Christ the Redeemer main church area