Friday, July 12, 2013

St. Damian-Westland

St. Damian Catholic Church was established in 1956 on the northern end of the city of Westland.

When we arrived at St. Damian’s we were warmly greeted by a gentlemen who introduced himself as “Russ” who said he would be our host. After our greeting, we entered a large but very inviting vestibule area. This vestibule area, at St. Damian’s, is not unlike other church vestibule areas. It contained several religious statutes and other art work as well areas for church and community news and information. Of course, it also offered a place for congregants to meet and socialize a bit before and after the mass.

The entrance into the main church is made of a glass wall with 2 double doors. Inside the church, the seating arrangement is made up of 4 rows of pews; 2 long and 2 short. The pews are modern oak with cushioned seating.

The center aisle leads up to the main altar. The altar is a simple oak table with 2 bowing Angels underneath on both sides. Behind the altar are 2 large white walls that stand side by side; both were draped with a large green holy cloth. Directly over the altar hangs a large crucifix.

Fr. James Lopez was the celebrant at the mass we attended. Fr. Lopez spoke on the importance of identifying with God as Christians. He emphasized that Jesus suffered on the cross for us and that we too should expect some suffering in our lives but not to worry as God will provide for us.

A major part of the celebration, at St. Damian’s was the music that accompanied the mass. The cantors filled the church with their voices filled with God's love. They helped add a special aspect to the mass and made it much more pleasant.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to St. Damian Church; from the way we were warmly greeted as we entered the church, to the music that filled the air and all the people we came in contact with. St. Damian earned a special place in our hearts.

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St. Damian Catholic Church

Exterior Shot of St. Damian

Exterior Shot of St. Damian

St. Damian
Art work at St. Damian
Crucifix that hangs over the altar
Jesus Portrait
Joseph and Mary
 The altar at St. Damian
 Angels bowing in prayer underneath the altar