Thursday, September 6, 2012

St. Dunstan-Garden City

St. Dunstan was one of the most popular saints in all of England prior to St. Thomas A Beckett. He lived during the 10 century and was the Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury.  He is the patron saint of goldsmiths and silversmiths because of his work as a blacksmith, painter and jeweler. St. Dunstan’s feast day is May 19.

St. Dunstan church in Garden City is named for this popular saint. The church has a modern look and feel to it. The floors are carpeted and the windows look out on the grounds of St. Dunstan.

The altar is at the head of the church with pews surrounding the front and sides of it. The pews are L- shaped, possibly to provide an excellent view of the altar no matter where you sit. The altar is made of slatted oak and has a matching lectern. There are statutes of Jesus and Mary that adorn either side of the altar and a small crucifix sits centered over the altar.

Fr. Don LaCuesta is the pastor at St. Dunstan and he presided at the mass we attended. In his homily, Fr. Don explained the readings for the day and implored the congregation to follow God’s word in order to grown closer to Him.

St. Dunstan is made up of a mix of young families and seniors. This helps give the church a youthful feel without diminishing the important role that the seniors play in the church.

In recent years the parishioners at St. Dunstan have gone through some trials and tribulations that were highlighted by a well publicized financial scandal and high priest turnover. However, through it all they have remained steadfast in their faith and believe in God and each other. It was obvious to us that it was this faith and believe in God that has sustained them and made St. Dunstan a vibrant community to worship and serve the Lord. This was most evident when Fr. Don announced at the mass that they had met their CSA goal for the first time in several years--A great triumph over all their recent trials and tribulations.

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St Dunstan Catholic Church

Statute of St. Dunstan
Jubilee Garden at St. Dunstan
Entrance to St. Dunstan
Baptismal Font

Baptismal Font
The altar at St. Dunstan
Mary Statute
Joseph statute
Art work at St. Dunstan
Art work at St. Dunstan
Grounds of St. Dunstan