Monday, August 17, 2015

St. Ambrose-Grosse Pointe Park

St. Ambrose is tucked just inside the Grosse Pointe Park border next to Detroit. It serves the people of both cities. St. Ambrose was built around 1926. It has a beautiful brick exterior and an old fashioned courtyard that reminded me of the old churches of the eastside such as St. Rose near Kercheval and St. Jean.

The patron saint of St. Ambrose was born around 340 AD. He is considered one of the four original doctors of the church. His feast day is December 7 and he is the patron saint of Milan. He is also considered to be a patron saint of beekeepers, candle makers and domestic animals among others.

There are several entrances that will take you into the church. Once inside the church the front pews are seated at about a 45 degree angle around the altar. Behind the front pews there are 2 rows of pews that complete the seating area. The altar area has marble floors with the main altar and lectern made of solid maple wood. A crucifix hangs from the ceiling over the altar and stain glass windows surround the altar.

The priest at St. Ambrose is Fr. Timothy Pelc. In his homily, Fr. Tim spoke about the shepherds of Christ and how we, as the shepherds, should only follow the one true leader in Jesus Christ.

The people of St. Ambrose are a diverse group of young, old, singles and families who come together to worship as one community. They also reflect the diversity of the area with some coming from the Detroit side and others coming from Grosse Pointe Park. They are truly God’s shepherds who come to seek God’s blessings and to live their lives following in the ways of the Lord. Our trip to St. Ambrose was filled with happiness and kindness and we felt blessed to be part of their church and to worship with the people of St. Ambrose.

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St. Ambrose Catholic Church 

Front of St. Ambrose

St. Ambrose steeple

One of the entrances to St. Ambrose

Courtyard at St. Ambrose

Jesus on the cross at St. Ambrose

Statute of St. Ambrose

Stain glass window at St. Ambrose

Crucifix over the altar

Portrait of Jesus

Altar at St. Ambrose