Sunday, October 7, 2012

St. Bartholomew-St. Rita

St. Bartholomew-St. Rita is symbolic of the northeast Detroit neighborhood in which it sits. It is old and shows it age but somehow manages to retain its beauty and charm.  The church has managed to grow and become more diverse to keep current with its neighbors. They have managed to build on this rich diversity to grow in worship, service and celebration.

The altar at St. Bartholomew-St. Rita is the main attraction and it shows in the loving care that is displayed there. This loving care is highlighted by a beautiful hand carved depiction of the Last Supper in front of the altar. There is also a large cross that hangs on the wall, over the altar, with a crucifix superimposed into the cross.  The church also has many beautiful pieces of religious art work including large statutes of Mary and Joseph which sit at the foot of the cross at the altar.

At St. Bartholomew-St. Rita music fills the church and is an integral part of the mass. The entrance hymn for this week was “Lord of All Hopelessness”. The song offers a hopeful and faith-filled voice to the Lord.

Fr. Ronald Borg is the pastor at St. Bartholomew-St. Rita. In this week’s homily, he gave a vibrant talk on the need to humble one’s self to the Lord. The readings for the week focused on Matthew 20:16, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Fr. Borg spoke of the need to put God first in our lives and to be humble in our service to God and others.

The parishioners at St. Bartholomew-St. Rita, as in most inter-city Catholic churches, travelled to church from nearby suburbs. They return each week with loyalty and devotion to this place of worship they call home. They were very friendly and welcoming to our family. Many of them reached out to us; thanked us for visiting and encouraging us to return whenever we’re in the neighborhood. They made our visit an enjoyable and memorable one.

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A tribute to Mary sits in a glass enclosure outside the church

St. Bartholomew-St. Rita Parish
 Front of the church
 The cross that hangs over the church
 Joseph with baby Jesus
 a hand carved depiction of the last supper
 in front of the altar
 Some of the art work that adorns the church
 A large cross sits in back of the alter, with a
crucifix super-imposed into it
 The altar at St. Bartholomew-St. Rita