Monday, August 5, 2013

St. Basil The Great-Eastpointe

St. Basil The Great Catholic Church is located in the working class community of Eastpointe. It is like most catholic churches in the Detroit Archdiocese with a mix of the traditional and modern reflected throughout the church.

One of the great things we enjoyed at St. Basil was the prayer garden. It is a wonderful place to pray and meditate. It even has a wall with the Stations of the Cross on it. We took pleasure in touring through the garden area and taking in all its beauty.

Inside St. Basil the Great Church the altar has a clean look with everything being symmetrical and in line. The main altar is small with gold trim. Behind the altar are mobile stained glass windows and beyond that, on the back wall, is a picture of Jesus on the cross with 2 disciples bowing in his presence.

The patron saint of the church is St. Basil the Great. He was born in 330 AD. He became a monk and founded a monastery in Pontus in modern day Northeastern Turkey. He eventually became a bishop and continued to be a man of vast learning, constant activity, genuine eloquence and immense charity. His feast day is January 2 and he is known as the patron saint of hospital administrators.

The celebrant at the mass we attended was Fr. Anthony Sulkowski. In his homily Fr. Sulkowski talked of the importance of having a balance between prayer and ministry. He said we are called to minister the good news of Jesus Christ and to give time to daily prayer in order to grow closer in our relationship with God.

We enjoyed attending mass at St. Basil the Great Catholic Church. It is a beautiful church that we loved exploring and discovering. The people were friendly and welcoming and made us feel at home in their church.

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St. Basil The Great
St. Basil The Great Catholic Church
Prayer Garden at St. Basil

Cross Design at St. Basil prayer garden
Stations of the Cross in the prayer garden

The altar at St. Basil

Mobile Stained Glass windows on the altar
 Jesus on the Cross
Statute of Mary and baby Jesus
 The altar at St. Basil
St. Basil the Great Catholic Church in Eastpointe