Tuesday, November 17, 2015

St. Vincent Ferrer-Madison Heights

St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church is located in the south Oakland County suburb of Madison Heights. It is a neighborhood church where many of the parishioners can enjoy a leisurely walk to church from nearby homes. The patron saint of St. Vincent Ferrer, was born in Valencia, Spain in 1350 and died April 5, 1419. He was canonized by Calixtus III at the Dominican Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome, on June 3, 1455. He is the patron saint of builders because of his reputation for "building up" and strengthening the Church through his preaching, missionary work and in his teachings, as confessor and adviser.

The grounds of St. Vincent Ferrer are nicely kept and give a sense of optimism to the area. Once inside the church, there are no pews instead there are 5 rows of individual seating that inter-connects with kneelers in front of them. The altar is small and made of light oak. The crucifix hangs just in back of the altar with bouquets of white carnations on either side. The church has a, sort of, modern feel to it; with the chair seating, burgundy carpet and even a leather Queen Anne chair where the priest sits.

Fr. John Esper is the pastor at St. Vincent Ferrer. He is a long time pastor of the Detroit Archdiocese; previously serving at St. Lucy’s in St. Clair Shores and St. John Neumann in Canton. At the mass we attended visiting priest Jack Conley gave the homily in which he shared personal stories and humorous anecdotes to relate the word of God and spread the gospel of the Lord.

The parishioners at St. Vincent Ferrer are a generous and faithful group of people. There was a large turnout at the mass we attended. Everyone was very friendly and they all seemed to enjoy each other’s company and in sharing their faith with others.

We enjoyed our visit to St. Vincent Ferrer. It was a kind and welcoming place and we felt right at home.

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St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church

Exterior view of St. Vincent Ferrer

Entrance to church

Statute of St. Mary on grounds of church

Crucifix at St. Vincent Ferrer

Priest seating on Altar

Joseph with baby Jesus

Prayer area 

Altar at St. Vincent Ferrer

Mary with Baby Jesus