Saturday, May 11, 2013

St. Thomas a Becket

Our journey to the Catholic churches of the Archdiocese of Detroit took us to St. Thomas a Becket in Canton for the month of April. It was founded back in the late 70’s to serve the people of the growing city of Canton.

The church was named for Thomas a Becket who was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his death in 1170. He was canonized by Pope Alexander III shortly after his death. His feast day is December 29.

When you enter the main doors of St Thomas a Becket Catholic Church you walk into a large gathering area where parishioners often congregate before and after each mass. This gathering area leads into the main church area.

The altar at St. Thomas a Becket is large and has a sort of oval shape. The main altar is made of oak and has a square shape. A large crucifix also adorns the altar. The congregation sits facing the altar in a semi-circle. St. Thomas A Becket parishioners sit on cushioned seats without kneelers.

St. Thomas a Becket has large cathedral ceilings with skylights over the altar area. These skylights seem to allow the light of Jesus to shine upon the people of St. Thomas a Becket and gives an aura of God’s presence in everything that happens at the church.

On the weekend we visited some of the children of St. Thomas a Becket were receiving their 1st holy communion. Retired priest William Murphy was the celebrant at the mass. His homily was short but meaningful. He discussed God’s love in our lives focusing on its importance and how it makes our lives, and everything in it, a lot better.

We enjoyed our visit to St. Thomas a Becket and watching the children receive their first communion. The people, we came in contact with, were very warm and friendly and filled with God’s love and goodness.


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St. Thomas a Becket in Canton

Exterior shot of St. Thomas a Becket

Church Steeple

Entrance to St. Thomas a Becket

Stained Glass Window at St Thomas a Becket

Crucifix adorns the altar 

Altar at St. Thomas a Becket

Main altar 
A shot of the cathedral ceilings

Mother Mary w/baby Jesus
 St. Thomas a Becket