Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Lady of Victory-Northville

Our Lady of Victory is located in the historic village of Northville. It is a neighborhood church surrounded by beautifully built and well kept homes, most of which were built around the late 19th or early 20th century.

When you enter the church from the main entrance there is a short walk up to the back of the church. Once you’re inside the church there is a main aisle that leads to the altar at the head of the church. There is individual seating with kneelers on either side of the aisle. Stained Glass windows adorn the brick side walls and intersect with the Stations of the Cross.

The altar and lectern are made of solid oak.  Over the altar is a statute of Jesus on the cross. At the back, there are entrances into the church from either side of the altar. There is also a large gathering area for parishioners to meet and mingle.  Another feature of the church is the flags that hang from the ceiling. They have inspirational expressions such as...”This is the day The Lord hath made…let us rejoice and be glad”. They remind us of the love God has for all of us.

Fr. Denis Theroux is the pastor at Our Lady of Victory. He leads his parish, filled with young families, singles and seniors, in serving God and in growing in faith.  We attended mass at Our Lady of Victory on Father’s Day weekend. The celebrant at our mass was retired priest Fr. John Wheeler. Fr. Wheeler gave a brief but meaningful homily. After the mass the fathers were given a small gift as a token of appreciation from the Our Lady of Victory family.

The parishioners of Our Lady of Victory live their faith everyday which is evident by the many charitable endeavors they are involved in. Some of these endeavors include monthly food drives and meal ministries were they help those less fortunate.

We enjoyed our visit to Our Lady of Victory. We felt right at home among the many wonderful parishioners at the mass.

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Our Lady of Victory
 Our Lady of Victory Parish in Northville, MI
 Hand carved sign at OLV
 Altar at OLV
 Lectern at OLV
 Mother Mary and Baby Jesus
 Alejandro and Carmen
 Jesus Statute