Saturday, October 12, 2013

St. Sabina-Dearborn Heights

St. Sabina Catholic Church in Dearborn Heights lives out its mission statement of service and prayer through its works of charity and devotion in the community. These include youth group activities, their annual Lenten fish fry dinners and the annual Rainbow festival which helps raise money for the church and its many activities.

The Patron saint of St. Sabina was born in the 1st century AD. She was converted to Christianity by her servant, Seraphia who was put to death for practicing her faith. Sabina suffered martyrdom in about 126 AD. Her feast day is August 29 and she is the patron saint of housewives.

The grounds of St. Sabina are beautifully maintained. They include a shrine to the Mother Mary and a gazebo that adds to the beauty and charm of the church. It is also a great area to pray and reflect or just spend some quiet time.

The church, itself, is made up of 4 rows of pews that set at angles to face the altar. The altar and lectern are made of the same oak material which gives them a symmetrical look. A green cloth is draped over the altar. Over the altar a crucifix sits next to a statute of Jesus with his right hand held out in the sign of a blessing.

We attended a Saturday afternoon mass at St. Sabina where retired priest Fr. Thomas Heier was presiding. He gave a brief homily on the importance of almsgiving in helping the church to grow and continue its work of love and service in the greater community.

We enjoyed our visit to St. Sabina Catholic Church. The congregation, made up of seniors, families and young adults, works tirelessly to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through service and volunteer work and we feel blessed to have spent this day with them.

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Shrine to the Mother Mary

The gazebo at St. Sabina

St. Sabina Catholic Church

St. Sabina 

View of front of church

St. Sabina Patron Saint

Entrance to St. Sabina Church

 The altar at St. Sabina

portrait of Mother Mary

Portrait of Pope John Paul II 

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